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X-Drums android game

X-Drums is an old school pixel art platformer where you playing as a Japanese drummer, who is picking up notes on his way to Los Angeles. The “X” letter in the name of a game was taken from X-Japan the legendary Japanese rock band, and the band leader, Yoshiki, who is a drummer, and classically trained pianist, became a prototype for X-Drums’ chibi hero.

Special thanks for support our game to: Yaroslava.

The game space is filled with drums, hi-hats, drum sticks and piano keys – all of which are meant to be used as platforms. The mission of the game is to pick up enough notes to leave Okinawa Island by helicopter, but the mission is not as simple as it first seems. There are no enemies in the game, but the place is full of cute fangirls and vicious cupids who want to stop hero and take away his notes. There is no time limit but speed matters in order to reach the top of the leaderboard, but beware! Soffits lights and water negatively impact on total time results.

The final destination of the whole game is a Music Studio at Los Angeles city where X-Japan leader lives now. In the end the game drummer will compose his classical album at the same place where Yoshiki did.

X-Drums was made for X-Japan fans, as well as for all gamers who love old-fashioned 8 bit platformers in the spirit of 90s like Mario Bros and Sonic The Hedgehog. The game include a classical time score leaderboard and funny achievements for all gamers of all abilities.

So, whether you X-Japan fan, or not, you are always welcome! As a gamedev enthusiasts inspired by Yoshiki, and X-Japan, we hope you will enjoy playing the game as much as we do.

Let’s play X-Drums! Banzai!